Why choose us: Computer Repair Seattle

As a family owned and operated business we genuinely want to help you.

We know you rely on your computer; it’s needed to live your life.
Our Repairs are fast and done right!

We’ve learned the most stressful parts of a breakdown are:

Not knowing the cost in advance or worrying about hidden charges ~ locating a store
~ find parking ~ and carrying your equipment in, often times in the rain.
Then bringing everything home and resetting it up yourself.

HomeNet relieves that stress ~ with our Most Popular ~ White Glove Service

We: Pick up - Repair - Return your system for a Flat charge ~ View Pricing

What we offer our clients
On-Site Services ~ At Home or Office

Common Questions

  • Install and setup a new Wi-Fi router, or printer?
  • Share the printers or files with all computers in your home or office?
  • Setting up a guest Wi-Fi for friends or customers to use?
  • Machine runs slowly or takes you to web sites you didn’t click ?
  • Home page changed and you can’t change it back?
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We provide the best in Computer Repair Seattle

We can discuss which service is the best fit for you!

On-Site Tutoring:

We tutor people of all ages.

Some Classes are specially designed for Senior Users:

Either ~ One-on-one or Groups living in Senior Housing in Seattle and surrounding areas.

Our Team ~

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